Onderzoeksprogramma Hervorming Sociale Zekerheid


Het onderzoeksproject ‘Hervorming Sociale Zekerheid’ wordt geleid door prof. dr. K.P. Goudswaard, samen met prof. mr. G.J.J. Heerma van Voss en prof. dr. C.L.J. Caminada. Het onderzoek wordt mogelijk gemaakt door een subsidie van Instituut Gak.

Leiden Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Database

Leiden Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Database (2011), assembled by Chen Wang and Koen Caminada (Version 1, August 2011), presents the disentanglement of income inequality and the redistributive effect of social transfers and taxes in 36 LIS countries for the period 1970-2006.

Unemployment Replacement Rates Dataset

The unemployment replacement rate data set, assembled by Olaf Van Vliet & Koen Caminada (version 1, January 2012), provides data on unemployment benefit schemes in 34 welfare states from the 1970s until 2009. The current data set includes all 27 member states of the European Union and 7 non-EU OECD countries.

Leiden LIS Sectoral Income Inequality Dataset

The Leiden LIS Sectoral Income Inequality Dataset, assembled by Chen Wang, Stefan Thewissen and Olaf van Vliet (Version 1.1, March 2014), contains information on multiple indicators of earnings inequality and employment within 9 sectors and 12 subsectors, drawing upon micro data from Luxembourg Income Study (LIS). Combined with version 1.0 data are available for a total of 49 LIS waves, providing data for 12 developed countries between 1969 and 2005. Compared to version 1.0 of the dataset, version 1.1 presents updated data for the main part of the first version, namely, for 8 developed countries and 31 LIS waves between 1984 and 2005. Additional information of earnings and employment at the country level is included.