Prof. dr. W.B. Simons

  • Hoogleraar Oost-Europees recht
  • Vergelijkend recht
  • R$echt en economie
  • Ruslandkunde, recht en taal

Since the early 1950s, the Leiden tradition of international law scholarship has included the field of East European law. The accent of the Institute of East European Law and Russian Studies - begun under Professor Z. Szirmai and directed thereafter by Professor F.J.M. Feldbrugge - is no longer limited to the academic study of this 'strange' part of the world (although this study has continued in an unabated fashion). Leiden faculty members have collaborated with their CIS colleagues on policy and technical issues involving key post-Soviet era legislation and on law school curricula; young lawyers from the CIS have enjoyed the academic hospitality of the Universiteit Leiden.
The Leiden tradition of internationally focused scholarship has - in the past - offered a prism to students from the West for the study of East European law; it has also become a lens through which lawyers from that region may focus on developments in other legal systems. Continuing these pursuits is something in which scholars and practitioners alike should have a marked interest.


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