Exchange partner universities

The Law school holds a number of exchange agreements with partner universities both inside and outside Europe. Links to each Law School partner university and exchanges dates can be found below.

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Partner university Erasmus Codes


Country Semester Language Students
University of Vienna  Oct-Jan, Mar-Jun  ger law 
* Universiteit Gent  Sep-Jan, Feb-Jul dut, eng  
* Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun dut, eng law/crim
* University of Liège Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun dut, eng law/crim
Czech Republic
* Charles University in Praque  Oct-Feb, Feb-May eng law
* Aarhus University Aug-Jan, Feb-Jun dan, eng law
* University of Copenhagen Aug-Jan, Feb-Jun dan, eng law
* University of Helsinki Aug-Dec, Jan-Jul eng law
* Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 University Sep-Jan, Jan-May fre, eng law
* Sciences Po, Paris Sep-Jan, Jan-May fre, eng law
University Panthéon-Assas, Paris Oct-Jan/Feb-Jun fre law/crim
* Université de Poitiers Sep-Jan/Jan-May fre law
* Université de Strasbourg Sep-Jan/Jan-May fre law
* Université François-Rabelais Tours Sep-Jan/Jan-May fre law
* University of Göttingen Oct-Mar, Apr-Jul ger law/crim 
* Universität Hamburg Sep-Feb, Mar-Aug ger law/crim
* Heidelberg University Sep-Feb, Mar- Aug ger law/crim
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Sep-Feb,Feb-June gre, fre, eng, ger law
University College, Cork Sep-Dec, Jan-Jun eng law/crim 
* Trinity College, Dublin Oct-Dec, Jan-may eng law 
National University of Ireland, Galway Sep-Dec, Jan-May  eng  law
University of Bologna Sep-Feb, Mar-Jul ita, eng law/crim
LUISS Guido Carli, Rome Sep-Feb, Mar-Jul ita, eng law 
University of Siena Oct-Feb, Feb-Jul, Mar-Jul  ita, eng law
* University of Oslo Aug-Dec, Jan-Jul  nor, eng law/crim
* University of Coimbra Sep-Feb, Feb-Jul por, eng law
* Jagiellonoan University in Krakow Oct-Feb, Feb-Sep pol, eng, ger, fr law
* University of Novi Sad Oct-Jan, Feb-Jun Serbian law
University of Ljubljana Oct-Jan, Feb-Jun  eng law 
University of Barcelona Sep-Feb, Feb-Jun  spa, cat law
* University of Deusto, Bilbao Sep-Feb, Feb-Jun  spa, cat, eng law 
Universidad de Granada Oct-Jan, Feb-Jun spa, cat law 
* Uppsala University Aug-Dec/Jan, Jan-Jun swe, eng law
University of Fribourg Sep-Jan, Feb-May fre, ger, eng law 
* University of Zurich Aug-Jan, Feb-Jul ger law
* Istanbul University Oct-Feb, Feb-Jul eng, tur  law 
* Bilkent University Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng, tur  law
* Koc University Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng, tur law
United Kingdom      
* King’s College, London Sept-Jun eng  law/crim 
* Queen Mary, University of London  Sep-Dec  eng law 
* University of East Anglia, Norwich  Sep-Dec eng law
* University of Essex Oct-Dec, Jan-June eng law
* University of Oxford  Sep-Jun eng  law/crim
* University of Dundee, Scotland Sep-Dec, Jan-May eng  law
* University of Edinburgh, Scotland Sep-Dec, Jan-May eng law


Country Semester Language Students
South Africa      
* North-West University, Potchefstroom Jan/Feb-Jun afr, eng law
* Stellenbosch University Jan/Feb-Jun, Jul-Dec afr, eng law


Country Semester Language Students
* China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* Peking University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* Renmin University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* Tsinghua University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* China Foreign Affairs University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
Shanghai International Studies University Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi  law
East China University of Political Science and Law  Sep-Jan/Feb, Feb-Jul eng/chi law
* Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng/ind law
* Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng/ind law
* Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng/ind law
* Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Sep-Jan, Feb-May eng law
* Holy Spirit of Kaslik, Juniyah Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun eng/fre law


Country Semester Language Students
* Bond University, Gold Coast Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sep-Dec eng law/crim
* Monash University, Melbourne Feb-Jun, Jul-Nov eng law/crim

North America

Country Semester Language Students
United States of America
* The University of Texas at Austin Aug-Dec, Jan-May, Jan-Jun eng law/crim
University of Connecticut, Hartford Aug-Dec, Jan-May, Jan-Jun eng law
* University of California, Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco Aug-Dec, Jan-May, Jan-Jun eng law/crim
University of Florida, Gainesville Aug-Dec, Jan-May, Jan-Jun eng  law
Boston University Law School, Massachusetts Sep-Dec, Jan-May eng


* University of British Columbia, Vancouver Sep-Dec, Jan-May eng


South America

Country Semester  Language  Students 
* University of Sao Paulo Feb-Jun, Aug-Dec por law
* Universidad Diego Portales Feb-Jun, Aug-Dec spa law

Additional exchange opportunities


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